CoralPlace Grand Coral

CoralPlace, Grand Coral, Riviera Maya : sanzpont [arquitectura]
“Green Roofed Yatch-House”


sanzpont [arquitectura] has recently won 1st Place in an International Private Competition to design a unique concept in residential development at the Riviera Maya surrounded by the Golf Course at Grand Coral.

The challenge was to create a housing model to harmonize with the actual development of Grand Coral, but turning out as a new product in a set of 500m2 lots fronting the golf course, with contemporary design, adapted to the site and it´s natural context, which maximize the main views and to create an attractive and unique concept for the vacation home market.


Bioclimatic Design :

The project takes Sustainability and Bioclimatic Design into account for the main design concept. The study of climate, weather comfort charts, geometry solar study and prevailing winds direction, suggest the use of sun protection, cross ventilation, passive solar design and main bioclimatic design strategy for maximum thermal comfort by natural means.


Concept / Architectural Scheme :

The main idea is based on designing an opened home to the outside, as if it were a yacht concept, with a consecutive series of terraces, displacing the upper volume of the rooms backwards to generate views and outdoor areas to enjoy free and living together at different levels.


Main floor opens at the middle to locate the pool area creating an open courtyard living together among all surrounding areas: living room, kitchen and TV room.


Sustainable Design :

All spaces are designed with natural cross ventilation. All covers are used as green roofs landscaped terraces resulting in a natural insulation and recovers rainwater for use in irrigation.


Contemporary Design :









Equipo de Diseño/Colaboradores:
Arq. Víctor Sanz Pont
Arq. Sergio Sanz Pont
Eder Jafet Hernández
Elizabeth Valencia
Melissa Chávez


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