This has been a defiant year for our office, full of challenges where we closed the 2016 very happy.

We represent Mexico with the utmost pride related to International Design, being part of a large group of young Mexican designers, recognized by the World Design Rankings (Italy) in the segment of Art, Industrial Design and Architecture:

(article) Mexico present in the world design ranking (WDR) | A ‘Design Award

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#1 Designer in Mexico 2016#41 Best Designer of the World 2016 in Design, Art and Architecture.

Source: World Design Rankings : http://www.worlddesignrankings.com


Victor and Sergio Sanz Pont, twin brothers and co-founders of Sanzpont [arquitectura], work through the belief that architecture an art, but it has to be functional, comfortable and adapted to its site through Bioclimatic approach. Currently with offices in Barcelona, Cancun and Chicago in partnership with Álvaro Licona, being together since a long childhood friendship. Develop work is based on state-of-the-art digital technology.

With several international awards, his main interest is the constant search for originality and creativity in architectural design, from small to large scale. Its design philosophy is based on a constant search for innovation and creativity, always focused on the user and with a great respect for the environment, which should mark urban guidelines, sensations at the level of spaces and presence in the user’s memory.


Highlights & Selected works :

We never stop dreaming about Design, that’s our passion! It doesn’t matter its an Architectural Building or a piece of Furniture, the scale doesn’t  matter. It’s all about challenges.

Our main interest is creativity and sustainability, from small to large scale, for example the conceptual tensile skin of the DSSH Bridge, 20+10+X World Architecture Award 2011 Winner as one of the 20 most representatives designs of the world, that incorporates Foldable Photovoltaic Solar Panels capturing energy from the sun to generate and supply electricity from a clean and sustainable energy.


Sustainability is also applied in the new Commercial Area at Terminal 2 of San Jose del Cabo Airport, winner of the Autodesk Small Bussiness Success Award, with the incorporation of spaces of a greener and more sustainable aeroportuary design value. The totality of the space is lit by natural sunlight thanks to a monumental glass façade facing the runway. This generates significant energy savings in lighting throughout the day and creates a more sustainable commercial environment.


The Real Madrid Official Store, Gran Via 31 , RealMadrid + Adidas + Areas Award first place winner, was developed using cutting edge design tools afrom start to end based in a BIM system. “The working methodology in sanzpont is fully three-dimensional with BIM technology, we do not créate drawings of a design, we create intelligent digital models of the design itself.

11_rmos03 - sanzpont [arquitectura] - Real Madrid Official Store.jpg

Architecture design should be integrated with its surrounding environment should reflect its culture in time, so we studied their historical typologies and architectural language to evolve it into innovative vanguard design plenty of cultural heritage. A Palace for Nature in Qatar, has being awarded 3rd place in an international restricted competition for its innovative and ecologic response to the project brief of this private residence. The heart of the palace is an oasis covered by a central dome, its unique design is inspired by the Sidra Tree, which is native to Qatar and is a symbol for perseverance, solidarity and determination.

04 - sanzpont [arquitectura] -  A Palace For Nature.jpg20-A_Palace_for_Nature_-_Doha.jpg

Architecture should provide a variety of human sensations, it must create a connection between the user and the city, between the site and the environment, and it must be useful, logical, beautiful and sustainable.

Already built Van Dutch Center in Puerto Cancún is about providing Cancun with a new space of Social Infrastructure promoting the public space, sports and recreation. Conceived to achieve greater integration of society through a new space of public use, through sports spaces, green roof and raised plaza, recreation and outdoor spaces, terrace and pier with canal view, with Integration into the landscape.


The Carmen Hotel, recently built boutique hotel in Playa del Carmen is an Exotic and avant-garde design inspired by the coral reef of the Caribbean Sea. The concept of design is based on creating an experience for its visitors through a unique and contemporary environment.


On going reformation of Cancun Convention Center is about changing the face of a 30 years old building, from inside out. Its conceived as an icon for the Caribbean inspired by nature.


Another on going project is the design of a brand new iconic Co-Working offices in Boulder, Colorado called BOULDER Industry and Arts Center. Its conceived as a modern and flexible building with integration with outdoor spaces for community and interaction, to attract young business related to technology development and arts.


Its all about human interaction and outdoor leisure terraces, related also to working. MeetPoint Cumbres in Cancún is the new mixed uses building that will be fulfilled with retail, restaurants and bars, connected to office and medical spaces, conceived with Sustainability concept.


To entrust in the individual health is a fear that every person must confront in certain moment and to feel the tranquility of being in the right hands for any clinical procedure is a real relief. Perfect Vision is a Laser Ophthalmology Institute dedicated to advanced treatments with the latest technology equipment in Cancún.


Sustainability its conceived for living in Casa VSP+JUR with all natural grass roofed home. Single city house designed for nature immersive bubble within the city. Winning Gold Medal and Sustainability in Mexican Architecture Biennale, it offers a low consumption energy and relax living home for its habitants.


Similar concepts for single Bioclimatic and Passive house is done within the Casa PLY in Playa del Carmen. The house dodge all the existing trees at the site with all the house program spaces, conserving nature and adding a green roof connected to the main bedroom at second level.

17_CasaPLY.jpgFullSizeRender 9.jpg

29 Zen is the latest Passive 14-unit, luxury townhome development on a Northwest Denver project for living in Colorado, designed for confort and style as an addition to the West Highland, gathering views to the city and the mountains with its own canopy cover roof private terraces.


Already built nexus Center for corporate offices in Cancún, is a 3 story building. The formal idea of the building is based on the functional concept of integration of the levels with a of general direction shape at the middle level between the two. Being north facade, this body management is proposed as a floating glass box. The blind skin facing west and the large overhangs are to prevent direct sunlight inland from the other directions.
The Scheme of the company is a “pyramid” with the area of product storage and distribution infrastructure as a base, followed by the management and administration of the company and at the top of the pyramid of the hierarchy of the steering.


Palau Moja at Barcelona’s downtown Ramblas is the The Catalan Heritage House, a place where you will be able to travel across Catalan history, discover genuine Catalan products, get informed about our activities, explore Catalan heritage and how it is related to the territory in a unique way, and also buy tour ticket for visiting the main cultural and heritage related places of our country.


Invicta watches flagships retail stores at NY World Trade Center and Times Square, were conceived for an outstanding shopping experience for the fashion watch brand.


Recognised with the First prize, at Chicago International Architecture Awards, in collaboration with BNKR Arquitectura, the Expo CIHAC PANEL REY Pavilion demonstrates the infinite possibilities of shaping the gypsum board material. Designed for the Mexican based gypsum panel company Panel Rey with interactive experience at construction expo.